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CH-8222 Beringen
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emation AG is a Swiss leading independent enterprise for Web-based automation solutions.

Example SCADA/HMIWe are the specialists in transformation the complex interaction among data, technology and people into a source of new revenue and business enhancing information. We supply software products for the following environments:

  • Building Automation
  • Process Industry
  • Machine Industry
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Energy Management
  • Water Industry

We are known as a flexible, creative and technically oriented company. We have the exclusive selling of these products, which differentiates themselves from the rest due to its characteristically high-standard innovative technologies.

At the core of our activities, is the handling of information. Our competence covers all aspects of information systems such as processes, applications, technologies and infrastructures.

Our services cover all phases of a project: We support our partner companies from the beginning stages such as analysis to system introduction onto operational optimization.

More information about e3m on www.e3m.ch



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